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Young 11 years old, Manisha Gupta, lost her father who worked in Qatar and died from a kidney failure.

for Kidsweek Netherland ; portrait of Manisha Gupta, daughter of a Nepali worker dead in Qatar
adil boukind
Nov 10, 2022
Location: Nepal
For the past two weeks, I have been in Nepal, documenting the return and "non-return" of workers from this country who have gone to Qatar in hopes of supporting their families.
Working on the infrastructures in order to prepare the hosting of the World Cup on November 20th, a significant amount of workers is coming back injured and or in coffins.

Pictured here is 10-year-old Manisha Gupta, who lost her father in Qatar.

Published in the Dutch magazine Kidsweek, this is my first picture in this country. Several other reports are planned. Stay tuned !

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